Farrukh Haroon Sat, 10/10/2009 - 05:42
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Dear Asim

The virus update signatures pertain to an obsolete co-ordination feature between the Cisco IPS and TrendMicro ICS, as per a Cisco Signature expert:

"The virus updates were distributed/managed by the Incident Control Server (ICS) product that was a joint effort between Trend Micro and Cisco. Trend had the ability, via the ICS, to push anti-virus signatures to a Cisco IPS Appliance for emergent virus control. ICS never caught on and has since been discontinued. We continue to ship, as a base, the last update level that Trend published (V1.4). At some point in the future, we plan to remove the Virus Update label and just include the V1.4 signatures in a base S... signature set. "

You need not worry about it!

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