Giuseppe Larosa Sun, 10/11/2009 - 23:09
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Hello Max,

I cannot open these files in attachment.

May you attach the txt equivalent of config files of your emulated lab devices?

Generally speaking, when using static routes you need to provide static routes for both directions:

RA has to know ip subnet B1 is under RB, RB has to know that ip subnet A1 is reachable via RA.

valid options for static route are:

the outgoing interface that leads to link in common between RA and RB

RB ip address on common link as next-hop for static routes defined on RA and viceversa.

you cannot use an IP next-hop that is not an ip address belonging to an IP subnet of a connected interface.

in other words you cannot "hop" on a distant router with no connections with the local node.

Hope to help



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