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I have read every doc on ethchannel and how it load balances traffic depending on src mac, ip l4port etc, I can not find any info on the command output for the show etherchannel detail command. What I am looking for is the load portion, at the end of the command. I have a 8 port channel and I want to know if the load column tels me actual traffic load but if I add them it goes above 100 so I know it is not percent. Here is an abbreviated portion of the output.

Ports in the Port-channel:


Index Load Port EC state No of bits


0 01 Gi2/1 Desirable-Sl 1

1 02 Gi2/2 Desirable-Sl 1

3 04 Gi2/3 Desirable-Sl 1

2 08 Gi2/4 Desirable-Sl 1

4 10 Gi3/1 Desirable-Sl 1

5 20 Gi3/2 Desirable-Sl 1

7 40 Gi3/3 Desirable-Sl 1

6 80 Gi3/4 Desirable-Sl 1

A link or short description would really help.

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Reza Sharifi Sun, 10/11/2009 - 18:33
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Hi Greg,

Not 100% sure, but if the meaning of this load is the same as when you do for example "sh int po 15" then if you use below formula, you line number 6 80 Gi3/4 is about 35% saturated

From the commad referene:


Load on the interface as a fraction of 255 (255/255 is completely saturated), calculated as an exponential average over 5 minutes. The calculation uses the value from the bandwidth interface configuration command.




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