kim_beadle Mon, 10/12/2009 - 23:32
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my issue is a little complex. We have OCS => CUPS => CUCM.

OCS is not being used in Enterprise mode and is only being used with RCC.

I was informed by an MS engineer that I have to change all of my 4 digit extensions (1500+) to '\+XXX' (E.164). This is to allow OCS to make calls to extensions in Cisco world.

I am reluctant to do this as it cascades through the entire dial plan (mixture of h323/MGCP and legacy PBX systems with multiple PSTN breakout).

I have now added an Application Dial Rule to remove the '+' prefix coming from OCS so that calls are possible to Cisco extensions and Unity Connection is able to take calls and MWI to handsets.

Our issue at present is OCS cannot interpret a non '+' prefix incoming call to a MOC client, this is known as the 'incoming call digest' in MS world.

I need to try and solve this and am trying to find the logic in CUCM.

This prevents a MOC user from CallForwarding within the MOC client.


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