passed CCENT w/ 972, but ...

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Oct 12th, 2009

How do I have this issue addressed? Why was there a *frame-relay* question on my exam? The FIRST question, no less. Were it not for this problem, I probably would have made 1000 (hit 100% on all topics except WAN, WAN was 50%).

What can I do about this? Can this be "fixed"?

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Collin Clark Mon, 10/12/2009 - 12:27

It is/was common on Cisco exams for them to throw a question in there from different area. For example in the switching exam you might get a routing question. Not sure why, probably just testing your experience and or patience. You passed, congratulations! Start working on the CCNA and see if you come across the answer to that F/R question.

unixdayjob Mon, 10/12/2009 - 14:38

Thanks for your reply, but I hope your response doesn't match any official response(s) I receive. (so don't take offense, I know and appreciate that you are trying to be helpful)

If F/R was listed for ICND1 (as it is for ICND2), I certainly wouldn't have room to be annoyed, now would I?

F/R is the last chapter of my study book, and, the last topic mentioned for ICND2 on Cisco's website. Therefore, I didn't review F/R at all. Silly me.

Or, maybe it was an "experimental" question which wasn't graded, and therefore, I in fact missed questions on material I *should have* known ... any way to find that out? If it wasn't the F/R question that I flubbed, what was it? I hit 100% everywhere but WAN...

b.gamble Mon, 10/12/2009 - 16:21

It's possible it wasn't graded. However, my best advice is to just get used to material being on the exams that you wouldn't otherwise expect.

Just reading the book doesn't give you all the info that'll be on the exam. In fact, I don't think any individual source will give you all that info.

I have yet to take an exam where I wasn't surprised at some of the material on it, no matter how prepared I felt I was.

Andres.J.Martinez Wed, 10/14/2009 - 12:36

You can petition, but I doubt that you get anywhere.

Cisco's tests changes all the time, I passed my CCENT a few months ago and had several Frame Relay questions.

Cisco evened out the CCNA 2-part test so that both exams don't really differentiate. The 2nd exam is just as complex as the 1st one.

unixdayjob Thu, 10/15/2009 - 06:34

Okay, thanks, but that's just wrong for Cisco to tell us what's on the test and then put OTHER stuff on the test.

I do not see the reasoning in F/R on CCENT. Full CCNA, yeah, ICND2, yeah, any other routing/switching test, yeah, but not the entry-level CCENT. F/R is hardly an entry-level subject.

For ICND2, I'm "glad" that ALL topics are fair game. That actually makes my studying better and easier (I don't have to worry about what's NOT on the exam).

Your comment would have made more sense to me if you would have said "The 1st exam is just as complex as the 2nd one".

Anyway, I was just asking if there was anything I could (or should) do about this anomaly. And I thought my inquiry was respectable as I very nearly 100% the CCENT exam. If I would have failed the test everyone would have discounted me as a loser and a whiner.

But I have a 4-yr technical degree, and I don't have a history of flunking exams.

I'm done folks, thanks for offering.

a.cruea1980 Mon, 10/19/2009 - 11:05

Don't take this wrong, but it's a piece of paper. So what?

You passed. Congratulations. Leave it at that. Just because you get 100% on it doesn't mean you're any better or worse than the next guy, and if an employer actually puts weight on that, you probably don't want to work for them anyway.

I got an 832 on my CCNA when I took it a week ago; no one counted me a loser or whiner. I had 40 minutes left when the test was done, I passed, that was all I cared about, and that's all that the people I worked with and for cared about.

I've met my share of people that boast and brag "I got 100% on X test!", and then when they get into the real world, they only know what was in the book, nothing more. Not saying that's the case with you, just saying accept the score and move on. Take the 2nd test, and fly up through your CCNP/CCIE.


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