7920 IP Phone Reset / Administration Mode

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Picked up a few 7920's second hand (yes, there old, but they are for my lab) - needless to say, the last person to have them locked them down pretty tight. It seems they are set to "Disabled" (as in, past restricted) - basically I can not change any settings on the handset itself.

The handset is stuck on "authenticating with AP" , but since I don't know the SSID its looking for, or even the key- I'm kind of stuck (and, I did try w/ the SSID as cisco, and open auth with no luck)

The reset procedure (Menu -> *## -> Send ) does not work, and I can not reset via the phone lock / password reset either

I do have the USB base station and the proper software- but of course, since I can not enable USB mode, I can't get any system to acknowledge that a device even exists.

Of course, since the phone is EOL, I can't get a SmartNet contract any more, to top things off, that is!

So, was wondering if anyone had any ideas - little desperate here, don't want the phones to go to waste!



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