Compare WS-X6548-GE-TX to WS-CBS3012-IBM-I

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Dear all,

I thinking about the best option to connect a Netapp storage to 2 blade chassis. Basically each chassis will be connected via 2 of its 4 switches to the Netapp directly (max 3 ports each so total of 2 switches x 2 chassis x 3 ports = 12 cables/connections) as I want to leave one connection leftover for the management access to each switch.

The other option would be to connect the switches to a 6509 core and then to the Netapp. Benefit would I don't waste the 1 management port per switch, easier configuration on the Netapp (only one single etherchannel to the core with 16 connections). Downfall is the added network layer of going via the core.

General the most important factor is performance, so what performance will be better direct connections from 3012 to Netapp or 3012 to 6509 to Netapp. if you think there is no difference I prefer the way via the core.

Any thoughts welcome.



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