Understanding DFM polling on LMS v3.2

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Oct 13th, 2009

I enabled DFM polling on CM topology. I notice the alerts update on the topology quite slow. The default polling is 6 minutes but I have to wait for a very long time before the indicator pop up on the device icon. How different is this setting compare to Device Poller settings for All devices and Critical Devices? Is there a way to do manual refresh on selected device?

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Martin Ermel Tue, 10/13/2009 - 22:53

CM Device Poller polls on device reachability (SNMP reachability) and the link status for the links seen on the topology map. By default this is done every 2h for all devices but you can add up to 30 devices in to the category of critical devices. It does not report on things like e.g. high bandwith utilization!

Whereas DFM Poller contacts DFM to ask if an Alert was seen for this devices. DFM Alerts are relying on SNMP traps and on SNMP queries. DFM performs the SNMP queries on several MIB objects and decides based on its internal code book if an Alert is matched and must be displayed.

DFM alerts are updated every 6 min but I think it could be delayed to show up in the map by the refresh time of the map (but I cannot find any doc about this setting). You can manually refresh the whole map by goinig to View > Refresh Map; a refresh of single device is not possible

mohdnazmi Wed, 10/14/2009 - 00:21

When you said CM device poller does the SNMP reachability that means it does not do the ICMP ping in order to check whether the device is alive or not. And for the critical devices, you can only add 30 device at max? What are the guidelines value sfor normal polling and critical polling as how low I can set for both cases?

Regarding DFM alert update on the topology, I am not sure about that. Sometimes it seems that it stays just like that eventhough I have tried refreshed the entire map. Sometimes you don't have the indicator but there is an active alert on the device. And sometimes you just have the indicator but alert inside.


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