Unity 5 with Exchange, INetOrgPerson accounts

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Oct 14th, 2009


Can unity support INetOrgPerson accounts? I've got some accounts which are basically email only (hence being INetOrgPerson). When I try and add them in Unity I get the following error:

"An unrecognized error 0x800700005 has occurred: E_ACCESSDENIED. The new subscriber was not successfully added."

Now, that suggests a permissions issue, but the permissions for that OU are correct, as is the mailbox store (checked those). Additionally, this line is logged on the Unity box:

11:24:44:938,AvDiagnostics_MC,642,7320,-1,,ExchangeMonitor,10,MailboxDeleted(cn=hwlib cn=zzz ou=yyy o=xxx) failed; Unspecified error ,0x00001C98

Which is a little odd...

Could it still be permissions? I've just run the PW check, and it looks OK - all the locations I need Unity to have rights on pass fine.

I have this problem too.
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Ginger Dillon Thu, 10/15/2009 - 18:50

Hi -

The Unity directory service account needs to update specific user/class attributes when importing a user into Unity. I don't know without checking further if an INetOrgPerson account has the same attributes. You can check a normal user account that has been successfully added to Unity using ADSIEdit to inspect the CiscoEcsbu_ specific attributes such as DTMFAccessID (user's extension) or other attributes and compare those to the INetOrgPerson account. Other thing to check in ADUC is the Security tab of the account and ensure the Unitydirsvc account and Unitymsgstoresvc account have the necessary permissions. And you can run SYSCHECK from the unity server, using the unitymsgstoresvc account to try adding a user.


David Rickard Wed, 11/11/2009 - 03:10

Sorry for the slow reply. I thought I'd set it to email me on reply!

The rights seem to be present. I've checked the object in ADSI Edit, and none are present - which I'd expect given that Unity hasn't touched this account. Telephone number is present, as are other fields it needs (names, etc).

So I'm flummoxed!


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