Paolo Bevilacqua Wed, 10/14/2009 - 03:51

Configure CME on the router, that will control all you telephones just fine. Can work with SIP or SCCP firmware on the phones, the latter is preferred ad it has mode features and supports different languages.

jeandanieldouce24 Wed, 10/14/2009 - 04:09


Well thats ok. But what about the sip server that will be needed. All the config seems to use a sip server (external). Wanted to know if i can configure my 2821 as a sip server itself?

Paolo Bevilacqua Wed, 10/14/2009 - 05:06

Yes, with SIP phones, CME is a SIP server.

But, you will see that SCCP works much better.

jeandanieldouce24 Wed, 10/14/2009 - 21:32

Ok. Thanks.

Well i already tested SCCP. Works ok with 7960 and CIPC too :). Now going to test sip.


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