How do I check my EPS?

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Oct 16th, 2009
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I would really like to see a report on what my events per second is, in a daily, weekly, and monthly report. What's the highest I had, how much more am I allowed until I need to upgrade MARS, etc. These are all questions I need answered.

I do know that the system logs show this, but if you've ever scoured through system logs you quickly wonder "Why didn't Cisco make system logs queryable?"

I also know that the summary page shows me total events for this day or week or month, but what if I want to see the total amount of events for lets say August. What's the best way to do that?

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Farrukh Haroon Sun, 10/25/2009 - 03:28
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On the MARS 'Summary' page you see the EPS for the whole day (last 24 hours). You can divide that figure to get the approx. EPS. e.g.

Netflow 128,862

Events 9,384,184

9,384,184 / 86,400 = 108.6 EPS

1 day = 86,400 seconds.

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dustinsuko Fri, 11/13/2009 - 10:04
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Unfortunately, what you want to see is not available. Personally I would love to have that information presented to me as well. Cisco leaves us with Farrakh's suggestion as well as entering "pnlog show backend." This command will show you average events+netflow, as well as average events per second. These numbers are slightly different from what you will get using Farrukh's method because "pnlog show backend" command presents the information from the current time vs a 24 hr averaged time. Both methods are accurate…"pnlog show backend" shows you current stats, while the dashboard method results in a 24hr averaged stat.


kashi_login Mon, 11/16/2009 - 17:45
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The Events figure doesnt reflect the correct number of events for a day, i think. I ve been observing this figure for each day, and find that the count does not reset itself to 0 at mignight for the next day. Instead,the count is appended from the prevoius day.

Let me know if this observation is correct and is something there that i'm missing. ?

dustinsuko Tue, 11/17/2009 - 06:03
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The events displayed on the Summary tab are events from the last rolling 24hrs. The "pnlog show backend" command just displays the events per second as more of a real time result, or what amount of events MARS is receiving at that current time. Hope this makes more sense.



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