Credit card swipe reader using SPA3000

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Oct 19th, 2009

I have a dozen of the SPA3000 devices connecting the different buildings and using NanoStation5 for my wireless links and have gotten all the phone lines, alarm systems and irrigation controls to work after a little work but the credit card swipe machine I have had no luck at all. Not even one time have I been able to connect. Does anybody have any answers for this or do I just quit and continue with a AT&T pots line?

I have this problem too.
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William Childs Tue, 10/20/2009 - 01:55


I have read your post about 20x and cannot solidly say whether you are using ip calling or pstn calling. I also am not sure if these devices are calling each other or are registered to an ITSP (internet telephone service provider). Also I need to know if your credit card processor has a pstn number that you are trying to reach. From the research I did on the NanoStation, they are all on the same network, but I'm not sure if they are all using the same analog gateway or if they are using a local pstn line for the call to the CC processor.


LGHatt100 Tue, 10/20/2009 - 08:07

More details may help:  The connections are as follows, a pots analog line is connected to a line card in the Toshiba CIX670 and is available to several card swipe and fax machines for all of the facility. The connection in question leave the CIX670 on a single port of a 8 port analog card and goes to the Linksys SPA3000 on as PSTN.  Then IP through a cisco switch that has several other SPA3000 devices and to a Nano Station5 on which is directed to the south across the campus to our pavilion.  It is received by a second Nano Station5 unit on then down into the building with two different SPA3000 units but the one in question is on  Like I stated in the first request all of the other connections are working just fine for irrigation and alarm system traffic. The card swipe machine is a Verifone device. If I connect a telephone to the line I can call the same numbers that are in the card swipe machine an the modem tones can be heard. When the card swipe machine makes the call with a HighZ phone connected you can heard the dialing but no modem tones. When I measure the voltage at the card swipe machine it is 48.9 volts before the call and 6.9 volts during the call.

I have also attached the settings for all the devices in question as PDF files for you to look at.

Nano11.pdf is the Nano Station 5 on

Nano12.pdf is the Nano Station 5 on at the pavilion.

SPA17.pdf is the Linksys SPA3000 at the CIX670 end of the link on

SPA18.pdf is the SPA3000 at the pavilion and card swipe end of the link on

If I have left off any details that would help in solving this problem please let me know.

William Childs Sat, 10/31/2009 - 02:34

Is there an access number that the dialing device should be putting in? (9 or something?) The way it sounds like it works is, you make a call from the CC machine and it does an auto fallback to pstn. Then (not clear here) it calls out via the CIX card. It sounds as if all of these spa3000s are connected via IP just for management purposes. I would look at the dial plan that the pstn line is using and possibly get a SIP capture if the call is not using the CIX card for outgoing calls. The only other way you could be calling is by IP and having the 3000 dial it's own ip:5060 then calling that way. I'm still unsure about how the call leaves your business. According to your posts I *think* it leaves via the CIX card. Please help me understand just a little better.


LGHatt100 Sat, 10/31/2009 - 04:10

First of all thanks Bill for taking the time to read and reply to my posting.

I gave all the details in my last post but to try and clear up just this one single connection.

The credit card machine is on a analog line to the single SPA3000 across the campus by Nano Station 5 radio to another Nano Station 5 using IP communication and down to the phone equipment area and to another SPA3000 to convert from IP to analog and then through a Toshiba CIX system and out on a analog pots line.

If you hook a standard phone in place of the credit card machine and dial the number I can connect to the service and it works. Disconnect the phone and put the credit card machine back and have it call the same number and it does NOT work.

Hopefully this clears up the connection and the problem!

William Childs Sat, 10/31/2009 - 05:24

If I understand correctly, you have several of these deployed all over your campus. It makes sense to me to try another (one that is working) in place of this one to rule out hardware. If you can get this card swipe machine to work in another location, then mirror the configuration (line by line if necessary) to match the working one. If still no go, then replace the hardware. If it does work by changing the config then you know it was a configuration problem.

The best way to do this is take the card machine to another spa3000 in your network and try the communication. If it works then take the config (minus the ip addresses of course) and put it on the one that doesn't. If it does not work, then it still may be a configuration problem and not necessarily a hardware issue. Also try directing this "call" through another port on the CIX card.

Good Luck,


LGHatt100 Sun, 11/01/2009 - 16:56

Thanks Bill for again answering.

Maybe I'm not clear but I have only one credit card machine and that is the only item that I can't seam to get to work on the SPA3000 devices. I have other devices like irrigation controls and alarm systems that use modem type connections and they work fine. I have done a line by line match of all the configuration settings and they are the same. The most baffling thing is that if I call on a analog phone at the same connection as the credit card machine the connection goes through and you can hear the modem signals coming over the phone. If you hook a telephone "butts" set with HIGHZ at the same time as the credit card machine and listen as it tries to make the call I never hear the other end answer the phone and give the modem tones.

When I have connected the credit card machine to a AT&T analog pots line and measured the voltage that both the SPA3000 and the AT&T line have about 48 volts. When you start to make the call the AT&T line drops to about 8 to 9 volts and the SPA3000 drops to about 5 to 6 volts. I have not been able to find an adjustment to change that. Maybe the voltage on the credit card machine does not think a phone line is present?

I have a plan for this week to move the credit card machine to a different location on the network and try it, after which I will update this posting.

LGHatt100 Tue, 11/10/2009 - 18:01

Today I tested the credit card machine on four other connections using 4 different SPA3000 devices. Most of them with the same results. One of the SPA3000 had a little different result. As I listen to the calls with a "Butt Phone" using HZ setting as to not interfere with the call I heard multiple times that the "call can not be completed as dialed, please hang up and try your call again". Twice I was connected to a recording machine for someone and not the credit card service. Therefore it appears that the dialing by the credit card machine dial tones are not be processed correctly. Does this give you any ideas as to what needs to be changed?  I have tried changing the dialing sequence by adding comas between the digits to pause the sequence. That did not make any difference.

William Childs Tue, 11/10/2009 - 22:12

Perhaps there is a localization issue with either the SPA3000, or the credit card machine, or both. I would aim at the SPA3000 first. Contact your local telco, and ask them for the call progress tones associated with your location (Australia I think, maybe). Then enter the settings given to you on the regional tab. This should help the SPA3000 understand the dialed digits/ informational signaling from the ITSP side. Very interesting that it gave different results from each of the 3000s.



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