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Oct 20th, 2009
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i have a controller that is used in normal local AP mode

and H-REAP(local switching). local AP mode is for users at the central site and

H-REAP is for the remote branch.

i created 2 SSID


Employee-H (for H-REAP)

I then use AP group to control which SSID to broadcast at the site. remote site

users will see only "Employee-H" and central site users will see "Employee"

I am just wondering is there a way i can use just one Employee SSID and still

maintain the local AP and H-REAP deployment. Using 2 SSID can be confusing to users

as they move from central to remote site and vice versa.

Is there a better way?


Eng Wee

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arlincurtis Tue, 10/20/2009 - 21:01
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I've got this working without AP Groups. I've got a single WLAN so just the single SSID ( I actually don't broadcast the SSID, but that's beside the point)

You need to configure that WLAN to allow H-REAP Local switching, this setting is under the advanced tab. For the central site set access points to local AP Mode, for remote sites setup access point to H-REAP AP Mode. As long as you have your vlan and subnet information you should be oaky.

Take a look here




This way you'll only have one WLAN that everyone can use whichever office they happen to be in.

e-chuah Tue, 10/20/2009 - 22:52
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for the

"Employee" SSID, i mapped it to the Employee interface.

For the "Employee-H" SSID, i mapped it to a dummy interface.

That was why i need two SSID.

One possible way would be

(1) for the "Employee" SSID, at the "Advanced" tab checked the

"H-REAP local switching" checkbox.

(2) for the "Employee" SSID, map to "Employee" interface (regardless of central or local switching).

(3) for the remote site AP, configure H-REAP mode and configure SSID to vlan mapping.

(4) for the central site AP, configure Local AP mode.

(4) both central and remote sites still use the "Employee" SSID

Currently i only have one AP, so i cannot verify the above.

Can anyone confirm if this will work?


Eng Wee


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