Cisco IOS Firewalling on a 2851

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Oct 21st, 2009

Hi All

I want to use some of the IOS firewall features on the 2851 but have some questions on CPU impact. I use this device for IPSec termination which also incorporates some NAT. It seems that when NAT is enabled, packets traversing interfaces that have NAT enabled are process switched which hits the CPU as well as throughput. I use BGP on this router with low timers and if the CPU ever hit 100%, it is very possible that BGP would flap. I will be building this in a lab in the next few weeks but thought I would ask the experts their advise on which if any features are processed by the CPU instead by an ASIC.

Thanks for any feedback

I have this problem too.
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bapatsubodh Wed, 10/21/2009 - 13:22



2. NAT


In these processes IPSEC and BGP are CPU intensive processes. Most likely those are processed by CPU. But ultimately CPU usage depends upon how much traffic is processed in a unit time. If you have rough idea about how much traffic is likely to be encrypted or how big BGP routing table is ( depends upon BGP implementation ) then you can possibly decide if 2851 would hit 100 % cpu utilization.

If possible you can try with VPN accelerator cards. Those really comes handy when hudge amount of traffic is processsed by IPSEC.


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