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Peter Paluch Wed, 10/21/2009 - 02:30
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Hi Neo,

The administrative distances in EIGRP are 90 for internal routes (the EIGRP-distributed routes from within the autonomous system) and 170 for external routes (that is, routes redistributed into your autonomous system from another source).

The OSPF can be also made to assign different administrative distances to intra-area, inter-area and external routes by the command

distance ospf intra-area 110 inter-area 111 external 112

In this command, the O routes are given AD of 110, the OIA routes are given AD of 111 and OE1/OE2/ON1/ON2 routes are given AD of 112.

So hey, the OSPF has three ADs while the EIGRP has only two :)

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To start off - with EIGRP apart from the calculated metric:

An AD of 90 is an internal route within the same EIGRP AS. An AD of 170 is external to the AS, i.e another AS routes or redistributed Static/connected/anotehr AS routes.

OSPF has an AD of 110 - but differnet LSA types to handle inter/intra/external area routes linked with Area/Router types. There are plenty of more in-depth explaniations on the web (use a google search)



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