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Joe Clarke Fri, 10/30/2009 - 13:26

First, I can reproduce your first problem with the portal. There appears to be an issue with Internet Explorer. Can you try Fiefox 3.0.14, and see if it works for you? Things are working fine for me in Firefox.

As for the http/https thing, the remote server's protocol and port are installed on the master server's NMSROOT/lib/classpath/com/cisco/nm/dcr/ file. Verify that the protocol and port are correct for your remote server.

Joe Clarke Fri, 10/30/2009 - 17:36

No, is fine. The forwardToApp.jsp code will see that https is the protocol, and use the second port. Is the hostname here FQDN or short? If FQDN, make it short, or add a new entry for the short hostname. You shouldn't have to restart anything. Trying the cross-launch again should just work provided it's going through forwardToApp.jsp. I wasn't really clear to what "interface report" you were referring.

Joe Clarke Fri, 10/30/2009 - 18:02

UPM is HUM. That error definitely points to an issue with HTTP vs. HTTPS.

If you only have the one slave listed in, then that is why you're seeing this. This file should be automatically updated when new slaves are added. Make sure all slave servers are listed.

One more thing I failed to clarify...

DFM isn't remote anymore (lol) I forgot.

RME and HUM are now...and they both behave the same. When I originally posted DFM and RME were on the same remote server. Now DFM is local and RME is remote with the HUM trial added on a third server.

So let me test the firefox thing again...

DFM works fine ...but i know remember it isn't remote.

HUM & RME don't work in IE or Firefox

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Joe Clarke Mon, 11/02/2009 - 21:51

I filed CSCtc92157 to track the problems with IE. There appears to be some cookie issues with IE causing this problem with cross-launch. For now, the workaround is to use Firefox.


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