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Hey guys,

i currently set up a demo in our showroom with the UC500 and a few phones. In germany, man/sec configurations are very popular, so i#ve just builded up these configuration:

ephone-dn 10 = public number manager

ephone-dn 11 = number secretary

ephone-dn 12 = 'secret' number of the manager

ephone-dn 13 = normal user number

phone1 (manager)

button 1s10

button 2:12

phone2 (sek)

button 1o11,10 (overlay on the public number of the manager)

phone 3 (normal user)

button 1:13

so, if phone3 call ephone-dn 10, phone 1 and phone 2 will ring / silence ring. if the secretary answers the call on button1, she speaks on the ephone-dn10. to transfer the call, she transfer it to the ephone-dn 12 on the manager's phone.

problem: phone3 see now the number from the ephone-dn13 on the display.

--> is there a way to restrict the number on the phone of the calling party? a dialpeer clid restrict only works on the called party phone...

additional question: is there a way to exclude the ephone-dn 12 from the local phone directory service?



I have this problem too.
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Saurabh Verma Wed, 10/21/2009 - 06:05

I don't think this gets reflected for external calls, this may only be visible to internal callers and I don't think there is a way to block it. You could disable the directory service, but I'm not sure if that will block the internal extension from seeing the number. DNIS looked-up directory service can be enabled/disabled only globally.

Since this is a shared line, the operator could put the call on hold and the manager should be able to resume the call on the same ephone-dn 10 line. Other option could be to park the call that the manager can reclaim using ephone-dn 10 line.

Let me know if that answers the question.



Well, it's a solution to place the call on a park slot, but not a good solution. the secretaries are working different in germany :) The Problem with the shared line is, how should the manager know, that he should pick the call? not very useful, if we have different offices or locations.

I don't want to disable the complete directory service, it's very useful. I want that not every number is visible in the directory... but i think, that won't work :(

anyway, thanks for your help!

Saurabh Verma Thu, 10/22/2009 - 10:25

The Problem with the shared line is, how should the manager know, that
he should pick the call? not very useful, if we have different offices
or locations

Intercom is a commonly used feature for this type of notification. The admin can put the call on hold, intercom the manager notifying him of the call and then the manager can reclaim the call. This can be done similarly for call park, you could configure monitor button for call park on manager's phone, admin can park the call, intercom the manager notifying him of a call in the park slot, and then the manager can retrive the call from the park slot by hitting the monitor button (for park slot).