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Oct 25th, 2009
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It is a carrier spportin carrier topology


Am classifying traffic on core for a particular customer A by standard access-list.access-list 10 permit This is the IP address configured on DS switch facing to customer A.

Am calling this access-list in class-map for classification of traffic and am doing policing for traffic at 2 MBps,at egreess interface on core facing to ISP router.

The connection to ISP is back to back VRF.i have created a virtual interface on core for each customer and a layer 2 trunk is connected to ISP router.

WHen i do a extended ping vrf for customer B from DS with source IP of access-list configured i dont see any hit counts on access-list.

Can any body help.

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bmcginn Sun, 10/25/2009 - 18:21
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Hi there Adam,

Can you post the config?


Edison Ortiz Sun, 10/25/2009 - 19:40
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If you are dealing with a Catalyst switch, you won't see any counters on the 'policy-map interface' output as those counters are software counters and QoS is done in hardware.

You must use the 'show mls qos' command

"The output does not display policed-counter information; 0 is displayed in its place (for example, 0 packets, 0 bytes). To display dropped and forwarded policed-counter information, enter the show mls qos command. "



adamgibs7 Mon, 10/26/2009 - 03:23
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The configs are on Core.

Extended IP access list 101

10 permit ip host

CORE#sh class-map test

Class Map match-all test (id 1)

Match access-group 101

Class Map match-any class-default (id 0)

Match any

CORE #sh policy-map 4MB

Policy Map 4MB

Class test

police cir 4000000 bc 125000 be 125000

conform-action transmit

exceed-action transmit

violate-action drop

CORE #sh run int vlan X

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 202 bytes


interface Vlan X

description connected to ISP for A

ip vrf forwarding A

ip address 10.X.X.X

ip flow ingress

service-policy output 4MB


DIST#sh run int gig3/1

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 174 bytes


interface GigabitEthernet3/1

description Connected to link customer A

ip vrf forwarding A

ip address



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