Locating Cisco CCNP training centres in UK

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Oct 26th, 2009

Hi, i am planning to do my CISCO CCNP in next few months and i am looking for a well known training centre company who can help me to take my CCNP. Please advise? I tried searching on the cisco website for authorized centre but without any luck...If someone can post me a link for UK only then that would be great.... or advise me which ar the best training centres or companies - thank you

I have this problem too.
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andrew.fedyszak... Wed, 10/28/2009 - 10:03


There are many well known companies in UK doing CCNP training, just google. I did not do CCNP myself, but my friends were happy with Global Knowledge training. They are not cheap though at £2K per course.

Personally, it old depends on quality of Instructors first and class size and access to real kit second.

So, it would be best, albeit difficult to have particular instructor recommended and find out where he teaches (they may have a website or entry on Linkedin etc).

try avoiding centres with just access to remote pods of equipment, especially if you have no access to it via work or home lab unless price reflects that. Nothing replaces hands on experience on real kit.

Beware of class sizes of more then 8 students. It is difficult for one instructor to give enough attention to individual student with class of more then 8, in my view.

Ask for guaranties for any refund if things go wrong. For example on my CCNA ICND part 2 course, there were students who did not attend and had knowledge which was part of ICND part 1 course. They constantly interrupted with questions and forced instructor to go over material already known by other students. Quite annoying if you just droped £2K on the course.

I am a bit surprised that you want to do CCNP in the next few months. Unless you have years of experience and you are trying to regain lapsed CCNP, I can not see how you hope to learn what is required and not just pass exams.

It took me 14 months to get my CCSP (without formal training though).

It takes time to digest new knowledge and back it up with experience. If you work on the kit, you could probably do "cosher" CCNP in 8 months, taking course and then practising and studying like mad for each exam for 2 months.

Otherwise, you will become another "paper tiger", easily found out by technical interview.

Personally if you have time and access to kit (your own lab or work), you could do your CCNP by studying Cisco Press books, doing some video training (like CBTnuggets and Cisco website) and spending the difference on buying your own kit or powerful PC to run GNS3 router emulations (this is my "attack plan" for CCNP next year).

Good luck with whatever you do.



Peter Nugent Fri, 10/30/2009 - 12:33

Fastlane is also very good, I done some wireless mesh training a while ago and the instructor was first rate, Jerome Henry, if the other instructors are half as good go there. Again not cheap but you do get what you pay for.

Good point above about the hands on.


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