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Oct 26th, 2009

I'm trying to setup a Polycom IP 7000 SIP phone on our call manager

I'm run the below steps to configure the device and the publisher.


Configuration on the Callmanager:

1 - Add a new End User

The User ID can reflect the SIP Extension that will be assigned to the Polycom SoundPoint® IP or SoundStation® IP.

If the Customer uses Active Directory or does not want to use numerical User ID's a alpha numerical entry (name etc) can be created.

• A minimum 5 Digit Password must be used. This Password is only used CCM© internally

• Example: 12345

• The same Value is used for the PIN.

• The Pin is the authentication Password used on the SoundStation® IP or SoundPoint® IP Phone.

• The Last Name Entry is used to identify this User and is mandatory

2 - On the Cisco Call Manager© click on Device and select Phone.

3 - Click on Add New and select a Third Party Sip Device (Basic) and click on Next to proceed

4 - Add the Mac Address of the SoundPoint® IP or SoundStation® IP Phone and ensure that you select the Phone Button Template as highlighted and the Owner User ID should reflect the User Id (case sensitive) that you have assigned to the User.

5 - Then choose the Device Security Profile, SIP Profile and the Digest User is the User Id (case sensitive) that you have assigned to the User and press save to store this Information within the Cisco Call Manager©.

6 - Click on Add a new DN Button in order to assign the Selected SIP Extension

7 - Add the desired SIP Extension and add the Alerting Name

8 - The Display (Caller ID) and ASCII Display (internal Caller ID) is a feature that displays the added entry on Cisco© Phones when they receive a call from a Polycom SoundStation® IP or SoundPoint® IP.

9 - After this finalize this process via clicking on the Save Button.

Configuration on the Polycom® Phone Menu:

1 Press the Menu Button

2 Choose (3) Settings

3 Choose (2) Advanced

4 Password is 456

5 Choose (1) Admin Settings

6 Choose (2) SIP Configuration

7 Select Server and add the IP Address of the Cisco Call Manager on the “Address” field.

Select port:5060, Transport: "UDP Only" and Register:"Yes"

8 Press “Back”

9 Select “Outbound Proxy” and add the IP Address of the Cisco Call Manager on the “Address” field. Select port:5060, Transport: "UDP Only".

10 Press “Back

11 Confirm this selection and scroll down to "Line"...:

• Enter a Display Name

• Add the Extension that was added within the Call Manager Menu as the "Address". Example: if the extension number (dn) is 3553, the "address" is 3553.

• Add the "Third Party Name": [email protected] of callmanager. Example: [email protected]

• On the “Auth User ID” add the user that was selected as the Username within the Call Manager End User Menu

• Add the 5 digit Auth Password that was selected as the PIN Entry within the Call Manager End User Menu.

• Optional add a Label that will be displayed next to the Line Key

• Press exit until the Prompt comes to save the Settings and the Phone will reboot after this

After running this config the phone will not register or cannot be dialled.

I've run debug isdn q931 on the gateway and the call does hit the gateway but the phone is not registered.

When checking the event logs in Real time monitoring tool I get the below error.

ccm: 152644: Oct 26 14:18:32.831 UTC : %CCM_CALLMANAGER-CALLMANAGER-3-DeviceTransientConnection: Transient connection attempt. Connecting Port:5060 Device name [Optional].: Device IP address [Optional].: Protocol.:SIP Device type. [Optional]:336 Reason Code [Optional].:3 Registering SIP User. [Optional].:4299202 Cluster ID:StandAloneCluster Node ID:LON-XXXX

I have this problem too.
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zak.hadj.hsbc Tue, 10/27/2009 - 02:12

You should span the port which the polycom is plugged in and run wireshark and check what's going on. You should then be able to see if it's an authentication or configuration problem.

I've had the same issue and the problem was from the Security Device profile : TCP was checked and not UDP. I checked TCP+UDP and everything was fine.


Centronicx Fri, 02/26/2010 - 01:35

Funny enough I just got a 7000 phone to register. the step I think you missed is: on Call manager, Phone, Line 1, at the bottom of the page, Users associated with line.

Don't forget to rest the phone a few times on Call manager. Let me know if you don't come right and I'll double check my config and compare to yours

Centronicx Fri, 02/26/2010 - 01:59

Funny enough I just got the IP 7000 to register on CUCM 7. The step I think you missed is: on CUCM -> Phone -> Line 1 -> Users associated with line (at the bottom of the page). Let me know if you don't come right and I'll double check my config and compare to yours

jameskuder Thu, 03/27/2014 - 07:59

Thank you for info. I went to start and am actually stuck at Step 1. It says to add a new End User. I do not even have an option to add one. We use AD, but I do not want to use an AD account this conference room phone.


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