Metro Ethernet Design With Redundant Head Ends

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Oct 27th, 2009
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We're getting ready to turn up some metro ethernet circuits that were just installed by AT&T. AT&T has provided a VLAN for each remote site (so each site has its own VLAN), and those VLANs are trunked to our head end switches (Cisco 3750 Metro Switches).

I'm struggling with the best design for IP routing. We currently use OSPF on our internal network, and I was going to extend OSPF to our metro solution as well, but I'm not so sure now.

I don't want routing to occur directly between head end #1 and head end #2, we already have redundant paths within our corporate network, and allowing our two head ends to route between each other via our metro ethernet solution is not what we want. However, running OSPF on each of the VLANs which have been provisioned for us would permit routing between the head ends.

We simply need to allow redundanny for our remote locations in the event that one head end were to fail, all of the traffic to/from the remote site would be routed through the head end which is still online.

Anyone suggestions on the best routing design for this situation would be greatly appreciated. I've attached a network diagram to make things clear. I believe I can also go back to AT&T and request one VLAN that includes all sites if that would simply things. I just need to make sure I can still do our traffic shaping because the remote sites are only 10mbps and the head ends are 1gbps.



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