Switchport Security Issues

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Oct 29th, 2009

We have been running switchport security on our campus environment without issue for the last year or so. Lately, we have had two issues that I cannot figure out. (we are running on Catalyst 3550's IOS 12.1 (12c) EA1.

1) We are getting security violations from what appears to be bogus mac addresses. These happen (always, I think) when no on is on the computer and always recovers on the first attempt. The mac's are usually consistently one of these two:



2) Our desktop computers (all Dell) have recently gone through a refresh and some have randomly tripped port security with the Dell MAC address. I have to set it to "max 2", even thought the mac-address table only sees one mac. But... show port-security interface f0/25 says, "Total MAC addresses : 2"


Thanks in advance.

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justbailey Thu, 10/29/2009 - 06:35


Thanks for the reply. I have read this thread and it may be a driver issue. But all (all that I have checked) of the refreshed computers are using the same driver and only a small percentage have given us problems. But it has happened enough to cast doubt on the port security implementation:(



iyde Thu, 10/29/2009 - 09:09


Apart of checking for newer drivers for the NIC you might consider ugrading your switch IOS as well, as it is a very old version, you are running. I'd suggest the newest (and last?) for 3550 switches, i.e. 12.2(44)SE6. It will for sure have a lot of bug fixes and probably also some nice new features.

HTH, Ingolf

justbailey Thu, 10/29/2009 - 10:49



we have been hesitant to upgrade IOS's on a large scale because we are not always sure what updates we are entitled to, the update/upgrade process is a bit cryptic with Cisco!! I will look into it,



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