UCCE 7.5 - RoggerB does not go active

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Nov 2nd, 2009
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Hi Guys

I am sure i am just missing some thing here. But i have been battling trying to get the side B Central Contoller to go active.

At the moment Side A is working fine. MDS in service, PGS connect and AW works. Different story for side B though :(.

Side B Rogger just shows OOS and fails to connect. At the moment i just get errors like:

"MDS feed from router to logger has failed"

from the csfs service and similar messages from the other logger services.

I have checked the IP address, Host Files, DNS and every thing seems to check out. I have also resynced the Logger from Side A to b. Still no difference.

Any one else have any ideas?



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I would check the private network. If this is a routed network out through the second NIC, you have to deal with the problem of Windows only allowing one default gateway. So you may need to add a persistent static route to make the private traffic flow through the private network - if it's going out the default gateway, it may not be finding the other side. I suppose you validated through ping and tracert that private addresses on side A reach the private addresses on side B.

If your two Routers are connected together with a crossover cable, this may not apply. In that case, check that the NIC binding order has the public NIC first and the private NIC second.



matthewpage Tue, 11/03/2009 - 01:37
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Hi Geoff

Thanks for the reply. At the moment the Private link is not installed so every thing is going via the public network. This is just temporary and is just for installation.

The latency is very low on this link around 10-30ms round trip so would not have thought it would cause a problem.

Any other ideas?



I see. So the settings in the private section of ICM Setup for the Call Router are the same as in the public. Do you have high (priority) and low addresses?

Setting up a pair or Call Routers is not that much work - maybe you could run through Setup again on each side at the same time comparing screens. These should be pretty much identical.

You may want to use ICM Support Tools to compare the registries. Another pair of eyes on those host names?

Something's messed up - but you know that. ;-)




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