is a fractional T1-CAS with MGCP supported in call manager?

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Hello all,

I have a customer that has a fractional t1, not a pri and we are moving it over to a 2821 router. We want to use MGCP

I have a tac case open, the engineer first said it wasn't supported but then realized i was refering to a t-1 cas. He then said it was supported and gave me a link (to version 3) we are on version 6.1.2

I configured it on the call manager. After i configure the ports however a link to ADD a DN shows up next to each port. Am i experiencing a bug? or do i need to assign a DN to each T1-CAS port?

that doesn't seem right.

any help would be great


I have this problem too.
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I think i might be running into a bug.

When i add the t1-cas and the ports it has a link to ADD-DN next to each port.

They are running cm

however if i add the same gateway on another call manager (at another customer site) running it does not have the ADD-DN link next to the ports.

think its a bug?

Paul Reck Tue, 11/03/2009 - 14:05

Hi Ken,

it certainly sounds like it though I can't see any Bug IDs like it reported in the Bug Toolkit.

You could log a TAC case about it, but it looks like you've already discovered the solution to the problem, and that updating to at least is likely to resolve the issue.




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