gogasca Tue, 11/03/2009 - 00:03
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The help file does not give you clear information?

Information is clear there

BALAMURUGAN SINGARAM Tue, 11/03/2009 - 00:14
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the help files as follows:


Incoming Calling Party National Number Prefix - MGCP:

This parameter defines the number, up to 16 digits, that is prefixed to an incoming national number, and provides a means to help you identify national numbers, if necessary. This parameter allows you to prefix specified digits to the calling number of an inbound call on the basis of the Type of Number field in an inbound offered call. It also allows you to strip a specified number of leading (starting from the left-hand side) digits for the incoming calling party number before prefixing it. The digits to strip can be specified as x:y where x represents the prefix and y represents the number of digits to be stripped; the colon is required to act as a separator between the prefix and the number of digits to be stripped. For example, 91010:6 which means that the prefix is 91010 and the number of leading digits to strip is 6. In this example, a national call from 2145551234 would get updated to 910101234.The maximum number of leading digits that can be stripped is 24 and the maximum number of digits that can be prefixed is 16.


But when I am changing the incoming calling number in service parameter, I am not able to see any change in the display of 7960 IPPhone, like National or International.

Please light me with an example

Please light me how to check this ca


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