Passing variables to ICM after caller hangs up on CRS script

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Guy, Gals,

I've written a script that allows our business unit leaders to change messages that play during the ICM call flow and also enable or disable these messages.

The problem I have is that I am requiring the calllers to do their thing and then press a menu option to end the IVR script and that will in turn pass the changes to the ICM call flow. I would rather have it so that when they hangup after doing what they need to do the script will catch the "ContactInactiveException" and then proceed to the EXIT_IVR label that passes the variables via the "Set Enterprise Call info" step. Problem is, ICM sees the hangup and aborts the call before accepting the variables from the IVR.



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Abdulbaseer Mohammed Tue, 11/03/2009 - 11:38
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You may be using a failure or exception for catching inactive... and that may be sending call to exit and terminate

Instead you may want the call to go to your desired label - exit_IVR collect info and then exit and end.

you may want to create a conditional statement just for this scenario if you are using contactinactiveexception for other things as well.

Good luck.


I've attached a screenshot of my script. As you can see the script is setup to go to the "EXIT_IVR" label upon detection of the "inactive" exception. At the EXIT_IVR label it clears the exception and the sets Enterprise Call Info and then sets the ICMResult to true. After this it exits the script.

My issue is, after this, within the ICM script, the variables passed in the Set Enterprise Call Info are not passed to the User variables that I use within conditional statements to enable or disable the playing of other scripts. The call dies inside of the external script node and never makes it to the rest of the nodes.

Bogdan Poilinca Mon, 01/18/2016 - 07:40
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Hi Bruce!

I know it's been long time ago, but here it goes....

Have you managed to solve this somehow? I'm having the same problem, not being able to "Set Enterprise Call Info" after the caller hangs up the call.


Bill Mungaven Tue, 01/19/2016 - 08:38
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I might be completely wrong here, but this is my understanding of ICM so I hope someone corrects me if I'm completely wrong.

Since ICM is controlling/routing the call, when the caller hangs up, the call is terminated regardless of what's going on in your IPIVR/UCCX script.

I have a number of scripts that need to continue running after the caller hangs up and the only way I can do that is to create the CTI route point using an application trigger in UCCX (Applications->Application Management).

The number isn't a dialed number in Configuration Manager so you don't create the CTI route point in CUCM ahead of time and create it as a dialed number in Configuration Manager like normal. ICM isn't involved in the call so there's no ICM script used.

I hope this helps.


Bogdan Poilinca Fri, 05/06/2016 - 01:01
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Thank you Bill,

The requirement has changed and i don't need to implement this anymore; but thank you for your answer. I'll remember this workaround


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