Access to the MGMT interface

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I have and ASA 5510 and would like to be able to access the MGMT network including the AIP-SSM module from the internal network. I am a Cisco newbie.

Mgmt port:

AIP SSM Mgmt port:

Internal network:

I can create the access-list okay but I am having trouble setting up the NAT. The error is “portmap translation creation failed for tcp src Internal dst management:”

Is what I would like to do even possible? And if so, what would the NAT be?

Thank you in advance.


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Well to configure no nating between the interfaces it would be:

access-list nonat-inside permit ip

access-list nonat-mgmt permit ip

nat (mgmt) 0 access-list nonat-mgmt

nat (inside) 0 access-list nonat-inside


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