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Nov 5th, 2009


I am upgrading the hardware for a T1 circuit we have. I currently have a 2811 with a WIC 1DSU T1 module. This is working fine.

I am going to replace the 2811 with a 3845. I tried to put in the WIC 1DSU T1 module but the router didnt see the card. After digging around I found out that the 3845 does not support that card.

So what is the equivalent of the WIC 1DSU T1 module for the 3845?



I have this problem too.
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pener1963 Thu, 11/05/2009 - 08:46

Thanks Jerry,

I am running version 12.3(11r)T2 so I will need to upgrade.

I did find some cards sitting around. One is called a VWIC 2MFT-T1DIR. I put in the router but I don't get any serial interface, just the T1 Controller. Is that because this card doesn't have the build in CSU/DSU??



pener1963 Thu, 11/05/2009 - 09:05

Oh ... I have never done this before. Timeslots? Cablelenths? Clock source??

OK now I am lost.

Going back to drawing board...

Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 11/05/2009 - 09:09

Just call in a cisco professional and he/she will set you up in a second.

It's always better to use trained people when dealing with networking.

pener1963 Thu, 11/05/2009 - 09:17

Thanks P.Bevilacqua

That's funny because I thought I was a professional, but I have never had to do this before. Back to school for me I guess.


Paolo Bevilacqua Thu, 11/05/2009 - 09:37

No doubt, one does not need a certification to correctly configure timeslots for a T1 interface.

On the other hand, that is part of basic networking curricula (WAN) also. We consider "cisco networking" to be quite different than "IT professional".

pener1963 Thu, 11/05/2009 - 11:13

Ok just to button this thread up. Here is what I did and it worked:

controller T1 1/0

framing esf

linecoding b8zs

clock source line

channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24

That gave me a serial interface which I could use for data.

Still at the back of the class,



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