iyde Sat, 11/07/2009 - 01:50
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The information provided in the uploaded file is not enough to determine what kind of problem you have. According to the info you do not have the second Sup active:

Mod Redundancy role Operating mode Redundancy status


3 Active Supervisor RPR Active

4 Standby Supervisor RPR Standby cold

Do you only have one Power Supply or is something wrong with one of them:

Power Fan Inline

Supply Model No Type Status Sensor Status

------ ---------------- --------- ----------- ------- -------

PS1 PWR-C45-1300ACV AC 1300W bad/off bad/off bad/off

PS2 PWR-C45-1300ACV AC 1300W good good good

But you will have to provide e.g. a show log to tell at little more about your problem.

When having a setup with two Sup it might be better to run in SSO mode instead of RPR mode, as it will give a faster failover from active to standby Sup.

HTH, Ingolf

hindhabaoui Sat, 11/07/2009 - 03:54
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hi thanks for your reply

"you do not have the second Sup active"

it remains active during X period of time and then switches to standby.

see attach (sh logging)


Reza Sharifi Sat, 11/07/2009 - 10:33
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Your power supplies are only 1300 Watts and one of them is turned off. Use the power calculator to figure our how much power you need for 2 Sups and all of you modules.

You may not have enough power for all your blades and 2 sups.



hindhabaoui Sat, 11/07/2009 - 09:51
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have you any suggestion about de "sh log"?


iyde Sun, 11/08/2009 - 03:58
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I see a restart of a Supervisor which follows after a message about a failing power supply. As Reza mentions it will be worth the effort to check the power calculator and see whether this causes your problem.

Regardless, a failing PSU is something you will ahve to deal with, because I expect that you ahve it for a reason, so start out with fixing the PSU problem.

Also, extend the size of the log file in order to have enoough information by doing "logging buffered 64000 debug"

Check also the error messages regarding transceivers:

00:00:37: %C4K_TRANSCEIVERMAN-3-SEEPROMREADFAILED: Failed to read transceiver serial eeprom on port Te3/1, try reinserting

00:00:42: %C4K_TRANSCEIVERMAN-3-SEEPROMREADFAILED: Failed to read transceiver serial eeprom on port Te3/2, try reinserting

So, in short:

- Check Power Calculator

- Check defective PSU

- Enlarge log file

- Check why EEPROM fails

HTH, Ingolf

hindhabaoui Sun, 11/08/2009 - 08:02
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Hi thanks all for your reply.

Can you tell me how I can check power calculator?

best regards.

Reza Sharifi Sun, 11/08/2009 - 08:59
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You need a CCO account



Amit Singh Sun, 11/08/2009 - 09:00
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Please use the calculator below for calculating power requirement.



Use command below to select the appropriate interface type i.e either gigabitethernet or tengigabitethernet and check if the error goes away.

hw-module module port-group select gigabitethernet


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