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Nov 7th, 2009


We are facing a problem witn Video Conferencing on internet link. First i am telling about the connectivity scenerio and then about the problem we are facing.


At one end End "A" customer (internet link of 8Mb) is connected with a Provider IP NOC .

Far end (lets say customer end "B" with 2 Mb bandwidth) connected with same providers IP NOC.

Note:- Both these NOCs are not directly connected to each other.

Problem facing :- We are respective NOC for End "A" customer , Video Conferecing is happened between (End "A" & End "B"). The video of "End A" customer is reflecting crystal clear at Customer end B.

But the Video of "End B" customer is Buffering while viewing the same at "End A".

We have checked the errors on ports, Optical media,Copper Media etc..all fine without errors.

Looking for a root cause, which is still unknown. Could anyone from you please suggest for any clue.

I have this problem too.
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