Giuseppe Larosa Sun, 11/08/2009 - 23:39

Hello Hani,

you should add more details to your question to get better help.

Are you an ISP, or a customer of an ISP?

What platforms are involved: sw based routers, GSR , C7600 and so on.

in any case shaping works only outbound on packets transmitted by devices under your control.

on SW based routers that support Modular QoS you can use

policy-map shape_to_4Mbps

class class-default

shape average 4000000

int type x/y

service-policy output shape_to_4Mbps

this is just to give an example

see 12.4 QoS config guide

>> I want to shape and limit bandwidth for my invalid IP address.

invalid addresses if recognized should be simply dropped.

I guess you mean your valid ip addresses

Hope to help



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