CCX Editor keeps crashing on UCCX 7

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Nov 10th, 2009


I have 2 node UCCX 7.0(1)SR03_Build011 just recently the CCX Editor started to crash every time you click on the variable/parameter.

This happens for exisitng scripts and new scripts. It happens from any PC that has Editor installed and when you use the locally installed version on the servers.

Has anyone seen this before? Or could point me in some direction I can't really see anything in the logs.

I have this problem too.
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jawilson_1 Thu, 11/19/2009 - 18:37

Try changing the Compatibility properties of the CRS Editor icon.  Assuming that you're running Editor locally on your PC; first be sure the editor is closed>right-click the CRS Editor icon>select Compatibility tab>check the Run this program...checkbox and choose Windows 2000 drop-box>click apply.  Launch Editor again and try modify a variable/parameter again to test if you get the same issue.

Jonathan Schulenberg Fri, 11/20/2009 - 10:10

CCX 7.0(1)SR3 was withdrawn because of several bugs. This very well may be one of them. I would recommend going to SR2 or SR4.

Tanner Ezell Mon, 11/23/2009 - 20:05

I'm guessing you're running the editor on either Vista or Windows 7. In which case this is a known issue. The only work around I have gotten to work was to disable ALL windows graphical settings. Alternatively, run it on XP.

rogerholdman Mon, 06/13/2011 - 16:16

Thank you vladimirbanker, that worked for me...I am on win7 ent 64bit and opening scripts local.


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