Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 11/11/2009 - 09:45
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Hello Sherwin,

using NAT you can implement a "poor man " load balancer


or better for you :

Avoiding Server Overload Using Load Balancing: Example

In the following example, the goal is to define a virtual address, connections to which are distributed among a set of real hosts. The pool defines the addresses of the real hosts. The access list defines the virtual address. If a translation does not already exist, TCP packets from serial interface 0 (the outside interface) whose destination matches the access list are translated to an address from the pool.

ip nat pool real-hosts prefix-length 28 type rotary

ip nat inside destination list 2 pool real-hosts


interface serial 0

ip address

ip nat outside


interface ethernet 0

ip address

ip nat inside


access-list 2 permit


Hope to help



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