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Nov 11th, 2009

It is posible that every time that a Unity Connection performed a full sync it also sync the extension from the corporate AD extension number?

Righ now, it is only performing the extension sync when the user is imported (first time).

The idea is to manage everything from the AD.

Any workarounds?

I have this problem too.
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Bradford Magnani Mon, 11/16/2009 - 20:11



It states:

If you have configured Connection to periodically resynchronize Connection data with LDAP data, new values in the LDAP directory are automatically imported into the Connection database during the next automatic resynchronization. However, if new users have been added to the LDAP directory, this resynchronization does not create new Connection users. You must manually create new Connection users by using either the Import Users tool or the Bulk Administration Tool.

So, to answer your question, yes, the documentation implies that the extension should get updated after a synchronization cycle completes

Hope that helps,


aalejo Tue, 11/17/2009 - 04:52

Hi Brad

Documentation implies that but it DOES NOT work. Extension number are sync ONLY the first time (when the user is imported).


b.gamble Tue, 11/17/2009 - 05:13

I just tested this. It works, but it doesn't synch the extension. It synchs the Corporate Phone Number lower on the page.

I tested by changing both the Telephone Number on the "General" tab under the user's AD properties, and the IP Phone number on the "Telephones" tab. The only one that changed anything after synching in Connex was the Telephone Number on the "General Tab." It modifies the corporate number near the bottom of the user's page in question. The extension wasn't modified.

ivillagomez Tue, 11/16/2010 - 16:59

have you resolve this issue? i also tested and i can verify that the telephone number gets synced but the "extension number" (the important one) does not sync even if i put the number extension in all the LDAP fields.


Craig Cooper Tue, 11/16/2010 - 17:53

Yes, it seems that the AD extension (iphone or telephonenumber) is currently only sync'ed during the initial Import, and CUC does not keep this in sych if it changes later.   Please either raise a TAC service request, including build number and trace, for development input to confirm that this is actually working as designed, or raise a Product Enhancement Request with your Cisco account representative to request an enhancement to allow for it to be sync'ed in a future release.

Kind regards,



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