RV082 <=> RV082 over FIOS, looking for config help

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Nov 12th, 2009
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I am a neo"fight", relativly speaking, trying to configure 2 locations with a VPN tunnel.

I am able to ping the two routers, and have network printers setup and can print from one location to the other. I can also login to the admin of both routers from either location.

It appears I am not sending packets out from either location. (based on logs)

Now the "complication" and the "goal".

The complication (maybe) is that this is not a server based network, but a Workgroup, with 2 different workgroups, 1 at each end.

The goal is to have the computers at location 2 talk to a specific computer at location 1. They do not need to talk to all the other computers.

I would prefer to have a bidirectional tunnel, and the ability for all to talk, but it is not a requirement.

I am willing to, for now, settle for a VPN Client connection from each PC in location 2 to the PC in location 1, but would again prefer a working tunnel.

I am of the opion that I have to configure an IPSEC Policy for each PC that is the same (probably 2 policies, one for each location with IPs inverted). All the PCs are XP Pro, and it appears that there are 3 default policies, and 2 default filters, which are not set to active.

Finaly, I am probably fighting local Norton products, but for now have diabled them.

I am trying to:

1 - confirm that this is a correct analysis of the problem, and reasonable approch. ie need a local policy for each PC

2 - look for specific reccomendations of a security policy that is substantialy easy to manage, meaning in part leverages the default router config for the RV082 (Ike w/ preshare, Phase 1- group1 DES, MD5, 28800, PFS on, Phase 2 - DES, MD5, 3600, and my key). I am willing to use a simple manual key if apporopriate, and easier. Also local IPSec config.

I have previously posted under an other topic, but as I learn, it appears this may be a more appropriate location.




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