Upgrade autonomous to LWAPP -> client disconnects

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I have a problem with unified solution.

This is scenario:

Client scanners mod. DENSO))((AP1230 automous))((telnet to AS400

Mod. Denso BHT210BW, after 5 min of inactivity the client activates the standby mode, disable the radio.

The warehouseman press the button on the terminal activates the radio and read the activity sull'As400.

I upgrate the system to LWAPP mode.

This is the new scenario:

Client scanners mod. DENSO))((LAP1230-WLC2125- to AS400


The warehouseman press the button on the terminal activates the radio and read the activity sull'As400 but appears the message "not connecting with AS400", after 2, 5 minutes, the tool will unlock and everything is working properly.

See attachments for more detail.

I disable Timeout under WLAN but without success.

Any Ideas?


Mirko Severi.

I have this problem too.
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Scott Fella Fri, 11/13/2009 - 07:17


I've always had issues with regards to scanners and them going into sleep mode or powering down the radio. The workaround was to set the devices to maximum performance or always on. Have you tried to set this in at least one scanner to see if that would solve your problem?

Hi, Fella.

I think that when the barcode wakes from standby mode only sends a frame association and is not run as a broadcast ARP etc.

*Nov 13 10:47:01.233: 00:a0:f8:e9:cc:af Added NPU entry of type 9, dtlFlags 0x0

"IP learning state. One packet from this client is sent to CPU in order to learn the IP address used"

The client should send another package to end the PEM process on WLC, i think...

and this happens only when the warehouseman press Enter on the terminal.

*Nov 13 10:47:01.233: 00:a0:f8:e9:cc:af Sent an XID frame

*Nov 13 10:47:56.935: 00:a0:f8:e9:cc:af DHCP_REQD (7) Change state to RUN (20) last state RUN (20)

E 'possible to disable the process on PEM WLC?? ;)


Mirko S.


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