LWAPP AP's only work if you clear the config

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Nov 20th, 2009
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I have a number of lightweight 1242's and 1131's on a WiSM, with all the programming done at WCS. When we plug the AP's in they come up and register just fine, but no clients connect. I turned on SSID broadcast to troubleshoot and see that the SSID isnt broadcasting.

These AP's are at remote sites and it doesnt matter if they are in Local or HREAP, same symptoms. If I clear the config, I immediately see the SSID but if I so much as change the AP name it stops working again. WCS thinks its fine, the controller thinks its fine but it clearly isnt working.

Please help!!!

here is the AP im working on now:

Software Version6.0.182.0
Boot Version12.3.8.0

Inventory Information
IOS Version12.4(21a)JA
AP TypeAP 1130
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