How to have H-REAP broadcast only specific locally switched SSID's?

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I'm new to this H-REAP configuration, but in the main office we have about 6 WLAN's.  I have a remote office which I want to have 2 new WLAN's and have them switched locally.  How can I only have the H-REAP AP's at this site only broadcast those 2 SSID's vs all 8?  I haven't really read anything about using AP Group VLAN's with H-REAP or know if that's even possible, but is this a possibility and if no,t what would you recommend?

Thanks for the help!

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I may create another topic - but here it goes...

I've decided to try to use an existing WLAN in the H-REAP config...

-I've joined the AP to the remote controller, assigned it an IP, put it in H-REAP mode.

-I chose a WLAN, enabled local switching

-I went into the AP, configured the native VLAN, however, I CAN NOT change the vlan of the WLAN listed.  It always goes back to default.

I verified the vlan exists on the switch, is routable, etc, the switch port is a member of that vlan, it is set as a trunk w/ 802.1q, etc.

Any ideas on what would cause this?

I am SOO close   Thanks!


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