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Hi All,

I have IPCC Enterprise solution where I have a setup for two agent per phone, using Cisco 7960. Actually I using 4 buttons, 2 for each agents where the first button is his personal extension and the second is for agent funcionality. Each Agent is login correctly in reference each shift time and receiving calls without issue thru CAD, but when the agents try to do a call back with the CAD it does not work. Does not know the CAD what extension assign the call?

I attach an image that how are the agents are distributed at the 7960 phone.

Please your suggest or comments


Andres Cerda

I have this problem too.
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There is no reason why this should not work. For example, at my current contact center project the agents have two lines, a CC line and a personal line. When they log in with CAD they specify the CC line. The device target and the label is only on this line - naturally.

As an aside, you should set the registry of the PG to disallow logins on JTAPI associated devices where the device target is not configured.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\ICM\customer\PG2A\PG\CurrentVersion\PIMS\pim1\EAGENTData\Config\RejectLoginWithoutDeviceTarget

Set to 1. This will prevent agents from accidentally logging in with their private line.

CAD will have no trouble using the extension the agent logged in with. Are you sure they are logging in with their CC line?

If you are having trouble placing a call, it could be your CUCM config for these lines. Check the Calling Search Space.




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