Change ISDN Type in vg 2811

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Nov 23rd, 2009


In our VG 2811 have two E1 lines from two different Telco’s. When I type debug isdn q931 on the first E1 for incoming calls information is   Plan:ISDN, Type:National

On the second E1 the output is Plan:ISDN, Type:National/International

Can I change the first E1 lines settings to Plan:ISDN, Type:Unknow (and if is possible how can I do it). The reason is that we use MGCP protocol and from telco on the second E1 the incoming calls are without leading zero, so I can manipulate through CUCM settings (add one 0 to national and 00 zeros to International) without any changes to incoming calls in the first E1 who are National.

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Mon, 11/23/2009 - 03:22

From what I know, you cannot have translation rules base on ISDN Plan/Type when using MGCP.

Conversely, when using H.323 or SIP, it is very easy to have rules using these elements.

KonradStepniewski Mon, 11/23/2009 - 03:53

You can do this change in CUCM from version 7 under router pattern level:

Called Party Transformations
Discard Digits PreDot < None > NoDigits 10-10-Dialing PreDot 10-10-Dialing PreAt PreAt 10-10-Dialing 11D->10D PreDot 11D->10D PreDot 11/10D->7D PreAt 11D->10D PreAt 11/10D->7D Intl TollBypass PreDot IntlTollBypass PreAt IntlTollBypass PreDot Trailing-# PreDot IntlTollBypass Trailing-# PreAt 11/10D->7D Trailing-# PreAt Trailing-# PreAt IntlTollBypass Trailing-# PreAt 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# PreAt 11D->10D Trailing-# PreDot 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# PreDot 11/10D->7D Trailing-# PreDot 11D->10D Trailing-# Intl TollBypass Trailing-# Trailing-# 10-10-Dialing Trailing-# 11D->10D Trailing-# 11/10D->7D Trailing-# 11/10D->7D PreDot IntlAccess IntlDirectDial
Called Party Transform Mask
Prefix Digits (Outgoing Calls)
Called Party Number TypeRequired FieldCisco CallManager Unknown National International Subscriber
Called Party Numbering PlanRequired Field
makstilcisco Mon, 11/23/2009 - 23:52

If i change Calling Numbering Plan under the gateway configuration from Cisco CallManager to unknow does the call will forwarded to the end user or the call manager will drop the call knowing that the VG 2811 receive the call as National?

KonradStepniewski Tue, 11/24/2009 - 00:41

I'm not sure what exactly you want to do...

plan/type you can change on GW, so it will be marked with new settings

router pattern and translation pattern is another place to do this in CM version 7.x


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