Upgrade CCM 4.2(1) to CUCM 7.0(2) without DMA

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Nov 24th, 2009

Hi to all,

I have a cluster CCM 4.2(1) --> 1 Pub and 2 Subs and want to migrate to CUCM 7.0(2).

I have read a lot about DMA and don´t want to do it with it because in our lab everytime I ran it fails, don´t have a lot of trust about DMA.

The problem is that we have about 3000 phones with their 3000 users and 3000 DNs, CTIs, is it possible to export with BAT and then upload it in the CUCM 7.0(2), I mean configure the CUCM from the beginning and import from the csv.

Best regards,


I have this problem too.
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Brian Carscadden Tue, 11/24/2009 - 08:25

I would focus on resolving the DMA issues. In my experience DMA has worked quite well, and exporting/importing the 4.2 data, then having to rebuild all of the core config (Device Pools, RP's, CSS/Partitions, etc...) can be a lot of work.

Jaime Valencia Tue, 11/24/2009 - 08:53

BAT is 4.X versions is very limited compare to what you can do in newer releases.

You can export the phones and then use the file to import them in any new release.

BE AWARE that it's not as easy as export and import just like that, there are plenty of new fields in 7.X that 4.X doesn't have and they're mandatory so you'll need to modify the exported files to add all the necessary information so 7.X accepts it as a valid file.

Easiest way is to export a phone from 7.X with all details options and see new options to add to 4.X file.

Also be aware that if you're using AC you won't get it in 7.X, you'll need to order one of the new CUxAC options.

If you upgrade via DMA and AC is already configured then you'll get it.

Also you'll need to get in touch with [email protected] to get all the DLUs and node licenses for the new cluster

It's possible with DMA or wirhout DMA, just think on the above to define if you wan't to start exporting or troubleshooting DMA.



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nikshah Tue, 11/24/2009 - 10:55

Secondly when you export data using Bat, you wouldnt get the licenses for your servers. You would have to purchase the same.

When you run DMA, it creates an intermediate license file with the node count and DLU(Device License Unit) count. You copy and paste the xml file and send it over to licensing to get your licenses.

I agree with Jaime with regards to the limited functionality with BAT. Any reason why you dont want to go by the DMA route?


alberto.orden Tue, 11/24/2009 - 14:39

Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate

I know the problem with the licenses, i have been testing in our lab and see the limitations of the BAT ccm 4.2(1).

We will have a weekend for the migration of 3 ccms from 4.2(1) to cucm 7.0(2) and see many incidences with the DMA tool thats why refuse to it.

The problem is that that I have installed a ccm 4.2(1) in our lab and migrate to 4.2(3) to run the DMA but I get the error of memory ( just 1GB ), i prepare another server with CUCM 7.0(2) but can not use the 4.2(3) DMA because of the error.

I have some doubts DMA:

The steps for production will be=

     - make backup of everything

     - upgrade Publisher from 4.2(1) to 4.2(3)

     - install DMA in the Pub

     - run DMA in the Pub

     - disconnect the Pub

     - Already have a new machine with CUCM 7.0(2) with the same name and ip address ( is it necessary )

     - import DMA

Best regards,


Jaime Valencia Tue, 11/24/2009 - 18:04


DMA TAR file is used DURING INSTALL, NOT AFTER install.

If you installed CUCM 7.X and then try to use the DMA it simply does not work, once installed you need a DRS file not a DMA file

The last 2 steps are wrong, you install the server and when it asks if it's a fresh install or an upgrade you choose upgrade and use the TAR file.

Also to clarify something, you DO NOT need to buy new licenses if you do not use DMA. Licensing can migrate DLUs and node licenses if you get in touch with them. You DO need to get the feature license if you want to start the CUCM services.

I'd strongly recommend you to fully read the upgrade guide for 7.X from 4.X to review the necessary steps, also you can change the hostname and IP during the upgrade, they don't need to be necessarily the same.



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alberto.orden Wed, 11/25/2009 - 01:14

Thanks Java,

I was resuming the steps, of course I will read the documentation about the upgrade.

One of the things that i don´t know why works like that the DMA is that if i am goint to change the server, ccm 4.2(1) can works with 1GB , the DMA gives me an error because of that, I mean i will run the DMA in that server to get the DMA tar file to conver then to DRS file and the install the CUCM 7.0(2) in a new server but can not run DMA in a server with 1Gb

Best regards,



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