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Nov 24th, 2009

Hello all,

On my UCCX system I have the German language installed.  In the DOC repository unde de_DE I have a directory called IT. I have placed an XML file here.

When my script runs it should look here and read this file. However a reactive debug tells me that the script is looking in en_GB\en_DE\IT\.

I thought that by setting the script language to de_DE this would correct the problem but it hasn't. How can I correct this and get the script to look in the correct location for the XML file?


Correct Answer by Jonathan Schulenberg about 7 years 3 months ago

Yes; use the language qualifier I referenced in my last answer.

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csg-admin Tue, 11/24/2009 - 13:36

Yes the default language in system settings is set to English UK en_GB.

In the script I used the language variable and set this to de_DE.

Jonathan Schulenberg Tue, 11/24/2009 - 13:45

Creating a language variable does nothing unless you apply it. You can qualify the specific language against the document at your Create XML Document step using an @ qualifier; or, possibly just specify DOC[de_DE\filename.xml] in the parameter.

The qualifier is explained in the Expression Language Reference document, page 152:


My answer to a previous post may also shed some light on language control within CCX/IPIVR:


csg-admin Wed, 11/25/2009 - 03:15

Thanks for your help.  Even if I set the location to DOC[de_DE\filename.xml] the

system insists on searching en_GB\de_DE\filename.xml.  So if

I put the xml file in this location it works but this is not how I want it to work.  Is there anything else I can check?

csg-admin Wed, 11/25/2009 - 07:32

Yep that worked!

In my variable I used DOC[IT\filename.xml] @ L[de_DE]

Thank you.


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