Stuck DN cannot place new calls (EFXS_WAIT_RELEASE_REQ)

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I just upgraded to the new UC520 support pack (7.0.4) a couple days ago. Now we seem to be getting random stuck DNs.

MCC-UC520#sh voice call sum | inc 50/0/10
50/0/10 .1       -          -  -                     EFXS_WAIT_RELEASE_REQ
50/0/10 .2       -          -  -                     EFXS_ONHOOK

MCC-UC520#sh ephone-dn sum | inc 50/0/10
50/0/10  1   IDLE         NONE         -          -  -                     EFXS_WAIT_RELEASE_REQ
50/0/10  2   IDLE         NONE         -          -  -                     EFXS_ONHOOK

This DN cannot get dialtone. I am trying to find a way to clear it, but haven't yet. I'm probably going to have to reload CME to get it back up.

The stuck DN doesnt show up as a call, so i can't clear it:

MCC-UC520#sh voice call status
CallID     CID  ccVdb      Port             DSP/Ch  Called #   Codec    Dial-peers
0x1        11E0 0x86A5F1FC 50/0/9.0                 ABC        g711ulaw  20005/5
0x2        11E0 0x86226660 0/4/0            0/1:1  *ABC        g711ulaw  5/20005
1 active call found

We are using 7965s on SCCP45.8-4-2S.

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Steven Smith Wed, 11/25/2009 - 14:12
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Can you make sure that ephone-dn 10 doesn't have a call forward to itself?

Could you post the config?

It does not forward to itself. We have never had this issue until loading the latest support pack.

The situation in which this happened is also a bit strange, and probably what caused it in the first place. The normal receptionist is out today, so this user attempted to 'pickup' a call ringing at her extension. He missed the pickup, the call rolled over to another line, and it then rolled over to his line. So he then answered the incoming call while in the middle if trying to do a 'pickup'. So i'm thinking that his failed pickup is what froze the DN.

This happened to another user yesterday, but it cleared itself up after a few minutes. This one did not. Is there a way to manually clear out the DN status without having to reload CME?

Actually, now i have a new symptom. None of our pickups are working. When a call is ringing at another extension and I push pickup then the BLF button for that user, the call just drops. I just created a pickup group and used the GPickup button, same thing. call just drops.

This was working fine on the previous version.

Steven Smith Mon, 11/30/2009 - 09:26
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I would highly recommend opening a TAC case for this to see if they can assist you.


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