Wireless LAN bridge CB3000, attached printer not able to be ping'd...

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Hi there,

We have one wireless LAN bridge 'CB3000' which enables the wireless capabilities in the hosts like printers etc with no wireless capabilities inbuilt. It connects to Ethernet port of teh printer and make it wirelessly available for the laptops/computers in the area around. The wireless bridge is configured, I think, correctly as I can see it online on teh access-point and I can ping the IP assigned to it's Ethernet port. The problem is we are not able to ping the IP on teh printer's ethernet. I can see that IP as 'connected' on the access-point though. I am not able to make the printer-queue configured on the server as it's IP is not ping'able. I am really not comfortable with the idea of giving the IP's on the wireless bridge's ethernet and teh printer's Ethernet simultaneously.

Kindlysuggest if I need to check/configure something on teh access-point.

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I have this problem too.
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