UCCE 7.5 Skill_Group reporting by day

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Dec 1st, 2009

I have a customer who has asked for a Skill_Group  report that shows Calls Handled, Abandoned and Service Level  for the current day. They want to use the report as a wallboard and I have seen commercial wallboards that claim to be able to do this but I cant see how to extract this data.

The Skill_Group _Real_Time table has got the values for the last 5 minutes and the Skill_Group_Half_Hour table has them for the last half hour. I can add these values together but there will always be 0-25 minutes unaccounted for.

Is my only option to scan through the Termination_Call_Detail records and extract the values from the call hisrtory or is there an easier way of getting the required data?

I have this problem too.
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Edward Umansky Fri, 12/04/2009 - 14:05

You can report by Call Type and get daily totals from the Call_Type_Real_Time table. Otherwise you can try associating a Service to each Skill Group and using the daily totals in the Service_Real_Time table. Outside of those options you would need to report directly off the TCD records.

lohjintiam Thu, 03/25/2010 - 08:09

Hi all,

I'm trying to extract the following from hds db without having the need to go through TCD. Most of my reports are currently based on Call_Type/Skill_Group tables

a) longest call in queue before it was abandon / answered (something like AnswerWaitTime)

b) total / average abandon time for all calls (the current abandon time is only captured after call is routed to agent)

c) is there a way to extract interval level values (AnsInterval, AbandInterval) for Skill_Group like they have it in Call_Type

Any ideas?



The best thing is to check the schema guide.

Longest call before abandoned - can't see that in the Call_Type_Half_Hour table. The abandoned buckets are your closest approximation.

If you want the exact answer, query the RCD for the day for the call type ID and for RouterErrCode = 448

b) that must be there on a Call Type report

c) no

Don't mix Call Type stats and Skill Group stats. A Call Type stops following the call when it's delivered to a target - it doesn't know who it went to or what happened to it - how long the agent spoke. The Skill Group doesn't know abandon rates (obviously) and is not good for ASA.



lohjintiam Thu, 03/25/2010 - 12:21

Hi Geoff,

You were mentioning about abandon rates and ASA should be derived from the Skill Group tables. The best practice would be using the Call Type tables for these metrics? What other metrics shouldn't be derived from Skill Group / Call Type tables?

The Route tables seem to have some of these metrics pre-calculated. Would that be a better source to extract these metrics?



lohjintiam wrote:

You were mentioning about abandon rates and ASA should be derived from the Skill Group tables.

I did not mean to confuse you. These never come from anything but call types.

To be honest, I never look at anything but Call Type reports. As a designer of the routing, I want to know where the call is going to, I want to know how long it queues for, and how many people drop out. Once the call reaches the agent, I don't care about it.

I do query RCD tables for abandoned numbers etc. Easy to do in Cisco Unified IS.



boyd.lynn Wed, 03/16/2011 - 13:24

I've got another customer who wants to report by Skill Group Real Time but wants to have the calls offered, handled and abandoned stats for the whole day. Life would be so much simpler if Cisco would just add the following columns to the Skill Group Real Time table





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