Steven DiStefano Tue, 12/01/2009 - 15:12
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Not following....   Back up should be part of your usual ongoing maintenance as you save changes.   Maybe one day they will be needed for restore.

I am probably missing the point.  I am sorry, please elaborate?


Steven DiStefano Tue, 12/01/2009 - 15:27
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Ahhh, you probably meant to say 'is there a way', not why... ;-)

We have enhanced CCA 2.x so that it prompts you to SAVE the running config to startup config each time you try to exit without saving.

Some partners may wish to 'soak' in changes and test them before saving.   In some cases, this can be risky, because if there is a power hit, you loose your changes.  So we prompt and dont just do it.

CCA 2.x also offers a COnfiguration Archive (backup and restore) utility but it is manually initiated.

Perhaps for the same reasons as above, something you may want to control manually.....


MICHAEL JOHNSON Tue, 12/01/2009 - 16:00
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This is probably a future road map item? I think the request is to have something that could be scheduled to do the "archive" weekly or nightly after hours so that a continuing "current" archive could be maintained on some recurring basis. The problem with the archive process is that it does lock CUE during the archive process so it generally should not be run during production hours.

Just a comment - thanks.