Outbound Dialer calls the client but don't call the agent

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Dec 4th, 2009
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Hi all,

I have a strange problem with Outbound Option in UCCE 7.5(6).

I have configured "PREVIEW_ONLY" in admin script. The behavior is below:

- the campain starts;

- I can see the call in "CTI Toolkit outbound desktop"(here I don;t see any call to agent's phone);

- I am pressing "Accept";

- The system calls the client;

- The "client" answers the call;

- I don't have any call to agent's phone.

What could be the problem here?I verified the VIP's CSS. The dialer ports can dial in the agent's partition.

Many thanks in advance,


P.S: Call tracer output is below.(I have only one agent in outboud skill group with extension 1270)

> DialedNumber (8000) using CallType (Outbound.CT- 5000)

Start #1
     Default\OutboundScript {All Customers} (version 1)

Select #2
     Longest Available Agent
    *PG1_CCM_PIM1.CV.Outbound.SG = 201

Skill Group #4
     SkillGroup: PG1_CCM_PIM1.CV.Outbound.SG
> ----------
Route: Outbound.ROUTE
Label: 1270 (MR_PIM1.RC)

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Ion Cristian Radescu Fri, 12/04/2009 - 04:48
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Update with baDialer EMS logging:

:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Successfully sent Station Open Receive ACK Msg - PT: 4
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Received Station Call Info Msg. line=1  crn=26601631
:41:12 Trace: (CLMGR_IP)      Control failure event, port: 005, id: 17170537, failure code: 1 [CF_GENERIC_OPERATION], peripheral error code: 20052 [C_??CAUSE??]
:41:12 Trace: (PVD)   CTI failure received, port: 005 state: TRANSFER
:41:12 Trace: (CUST)  SetCallResult, id: 47 in DL_5000_5000, skill: 5001, result: 21 [CUSTOMER_ABANDONED], now: [Fri Dec 04 14:41:12 2009], callback: [Fri Dec 04 14:40:55 2009]
:41:12 Trace: (CLMGR) CTI SetCallData request, invoke: 5730, port: 005, call: 17170537
      type: 32, disposition: 2, ani: [1277]
      campaign: 5000 [OutboundCampaign], query rule: 5000, acc#: []
      status: [CO], response: [CPA_Voice], list id: [47], time zone: [+00120]
      CallerEnteredDigits: [NULL], customer name: [Popescu,Cristi], skill target id:
:41:12 Trace: (PVD)   ***End call event port: 005, state: TRANSFER***
:41:12 Trace: (PVR)   Release agent request, port: 004, state: AGENT_RESERVE
:41:12 Trace: (PVR)   End port: 004
:41:12 Trace: (CLMGR) CTI ClearConnection request, invoke: 5731, port: 004, call: 2130706445, instrument: [1270]
:41:12 Trace: CCallManager::RemoveCall -> call: 2130706445
:41:12 Trace: (PM)
lease port: 004, state: [AGENT_RESERVE]
:41:12 Trace: (CPORT) SetState, port: 004, m_ReservationCallTime: 16656, state: IDLE
:41:12 Trace: (SP)    Hangup, port: 005
:41:12 Trace: (PM)
lease port: 005, state: [TRANSFER]
:41:12 Trace: (SP)    Hangup, port: 005
:41:12 Trace: (CPORT) SetState, port: 005, m_CustomerCallTime: 1687, state: IDLE
:41:12 Trace: (SP) Port: 005 Changing state from SP_STATE_TRANSFERRING_CALL to SP_STATE_DROPPING_LINE2
:41:12 Trace: (CM)    Close record request, customer: 47 in DL_5000_5000, result: 21 [CUSTOMER_ABANDONED]
:41:12 Trace: (SP) Ignoring repeat hangup request on port: 005
:41:12 Trace: (CUST)  Record sent to campaign manager, id: 47 in DL_5000_5000, skill: 5001, result: 21 [CUSTOMER_ABANDONED]
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Received Station Stop Tone Msg
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Received Station Close Receive Msg
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Received Receive Call State Msg - callstate=On Hook, CRN=26601631
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005  Primary line hangup
:41:12 Trace: (SP) Line: 1: Changing state from SP_LINESTATE_CONNECTED to SP_LINESTATE_IDLE
:41:12 Trace: (SP) port: 005 Fire telephony hangup event
:41:12 Trace: (SP) Port: 005 Changing state from SP_STATE_DROPPING_LINE2 to SP_STATE_TRANSFER_FAIL
:41:12 Trace: (SP) Port: 005 Changing state from SP_STATE_TRANSFER_FAIL to SP_STATE_DROPPING_LINE2
:41:12 Trace: (DD)    Softphone hangup handled for port: 005
:41:12 Trace: (CLMGR) Call cleared, port: 005, id: 17170537

geoff@hp.com Fri, 12/04/2009 - 05:12
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Ensure you have call waiting configured on the agent line. The reservation call arrives at CTIOS, and you press accept. The Dialer calls the customer from a "phone" on the Dialer, and when the customer answers, wants to transfer the back end of the call to the agent on top of the reservation call, and then drop the reservation call from underneath. This is done so the agent is not seen as available to the Router.

Check CUCM and set up call waiting on the line.

If you are going to use PREVIEW, and I really like preview, I strongly suggest PREVIEW_DIRECT. This has a number of advantages that will be obvious when you try it - the agent hears full call progress.



Ion Cristian Radescu Fri, 12/04/2009 - 05:58
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Hi Geoff again,

Thanks for your answer.

I verified once again call waiting on agent's line.

Is ok. I have call waiting configured(4/2).

Do you have another ideea about what should I verify?



Ion Cristian Radescu Fri, 12/04/2009 - 06:42
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Hi all,

I resolved the issue.

The problem was that I had some issues with my microphone(customer phone was an IP Communicator on my laptop).

The system called the customer, didn't detect any human voice and didn't connect with the agent :-)

In conclusion was a feature not an issue :-)

Thank you Geoff for your help!


Edward Umansky Wed, 12/09/2009 - 18:16
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FYI Geoff, checkout the release notes for 7.5(6), call waiting is no longer required on the agent phone. Basically the PG now simulates a call rather than

initiating a true physical call to the phone. Pretty nice update I gotta say.

Gergely Szabo Sun, 08/15/2010 - 13:07
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in response to "Basically the PG now simulates a call rather thaninitiating a true physical call to the phone."  I have a customer who went nuts after upgrading to ICM 7.5(9) - they say agents now can't hear their phones ringing when getting reservation calls for personal callback.

Is there any other way to go the good old way ie having "real" reservation calls?

By the way, the release notes for ICM 7.5(6) do not exist. I can see it for the 7.5(5) and for the 7.5(7) release, but no 7.5(6).




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