Giuseppe Larosa Mon, 12/07/2009 - 00:08

Hello Atif,

in the following link the datasheet of sup32

table1 contains the following:

Hardware-enabled MPLS-Enables use of VPNs and Layer 2 tunneling while improving traffic engineering for QoS and adding multiprotocol support

• Hardware-enabled IPv6-Expands available IP addresses, enabling better address allocation and address aggregation and supporting greater end-to-end connectivity and services

• Hardware-enabled GRE tunnels for IP traffic

be aware that performances are limited in comparison to sup720 as it is shown in table2.

Hope to help

Trilok Kataria Tue, 03/08/2016 - 07:26

Hi Giuseppe

I am having same problem with MPLS over GRE on PFC3B that equipped the SUP32, does it actually work/supported.

SUP32 datasheet indicates it does with some less performance as compared to SUP720.

However TAC said it's NOT supported but I couldn't find it written anywhere.

"MPLS over GRE is not supported officially on PFC3B that equipped the SUP32.

This Feature is limited to SIP-400 with GE SPA as core facing interface and running SRB1 or greater using Sup720 and RSP720."

Any comments/suggestion will be highly appreciated, Many thansk in advance.



Giuseppe Larosa Thu, 03/10/2016 - 00:31

Hello Trilok,

my answer was based on available documentation.

If Cisco TAC says that Supervisor 32 with PFC3B does not support MPLS over GRE they are right they have access to internal resources that are not available to people outside Cisco.

In addition, internal tests can have been performed in Cisco that provided that feedback.

So I'm afraid you need to think of an hardware upgrade to Sup720 and this can be valid also for the other thread that you mention that showed basic problems with MPLS over GRE and Sup32.

Hope to help



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