CVP: using the Gatekeeper and the SIP Proxy, why? VXML gateway and the ingress gateway communication?

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Dec 8th, 2009
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Hi All;

I am actually keep asking with my self, why to use gatekeeper or SIP proxy when deploying the CVP solution, why not to use the Call Manager? Is it because that the concept built on SIP and H323 so call manager can not handle these kind of operations as call manager is supporting MGCP?

From the other side, what kind of trunk or protocol of communication method is used between the ingress gateway and the VXML browser?

Any advise?



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The main reason is not all who deployed ISN/CVP in the past use Call Manager as the PBX.

CVP is a powerful solution that covers many deployment scenarios. Its ability to integrate with legacy switches has been very important in the past, and although as we move forward, these types of deployments will probably become fewer, the independence of CVP on Call Manager remains a cornerstone of the design.

I'm glad it was built that way. Look at some of the other deployment models (like Call Director) in the CVP Guide.

It's not because Call Manager supports MGCP - you don't need to have any MGCP gateways in your Call Manager deployment. You could have all H.323 gateways and manage the dial plan on the gateways with a gatekeeper. Or use SIP.

The ingress gateway does not talk to the VXML server - the VXML gateway does.

In a branch office design, these are one and the same; but that's not the fundamental architecture. The IOS on the VXML gateway runs a voice browser (I guess you could call this a VXML browser). It uses HTTP to send and receive information (VXML documents) from the VXML server - whether this be the CVP Call Server or an external VXML server (like what was brought in-house with the Audium acqusition - the Cisco CVP VXML Server).



bilalghayad Tue, 12/08/2009 - 11:42
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Thanks for your reply, but actually I did not understand some points until now:

1) How the ingress gateway communicate with the VXML gateway?

2) Why we do not use the Cisco Call Manager instead of the Gatekeeper?



yshraybman Tue, 12/08/2009 - 13:57
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1. They don't communicate with each other.

H.323 call flow (greatly simplified): PSTN-ingress GW-GK-CVP-VXML gw

SIP call flow:  PSTN-ingress GW-SIP Proxy-CVP-VXML gw

You can theoretically deploy SIP solution without SIP Proxy, CVP SRND guide is saying SIP Proxy is optional.  But I think everyone is using SIP Proxy as it provides additional features that CM does not.

2. Gatekeeper is a required component for H.323 deployment, that's how CVP was designed.

You can read in more detail in the CVP SRND guide, section Typical H.323 Unified CVP Call Flow

I also advise you to read the complete CVP SRND guide.  All your answers are in there.

bilalghayad Tue, 12/08/2009 - 15:05
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Last issue: What is the difference between ingress gateway and egress gateway?




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