Significance of the value of interference

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Significance of the value of interference.

Ekahau SiteSurvey ver. 4.4.5, I did a site survey and I found a level of interefence equal to -100 dBm or smaller and a level of signal strength equal to -76dBm.

In monitoring of the intefaces the values is:

Interference by Channel

1 -128 dBm @ 0 % busy
2 -128 dBm @ 0 % busy
3 -128 dBm @ 0 % busy
4 -128 dBm @ 0 % busy
13 -128 dBm @ 0 % busy

Noise by Channel
1 -97 dBm
2 -97 dBm
3 -97 dBm
4 -97 dBm
13 -97 dBm

When I connected with my adapter and Intel PROSet, the supplicant indicated a level o signal strenght of -66 dBm and interference of -88dBm.

Ok, the adapter was not the same (ekahau with CAB21 Cisco and connectivity with Intel 5100), but why there are these difference of values in particular of interferense?


Mirko Severi.

I have this problem too.
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Kayle Miller Fri, 12/11/2009 - 10:06
     There are several variable to the measured signal strength and noise values, but to be honest withyou I'd be inclined to think there is an issue with Ekahau since I rarely see a noise floor of -128dbm, -90 to -95 dbm is typical.  -88 isn't a bad number but I'd figure out why ekahau is reporting it wrong.


I have made the site survey using the cardbus Cisco CAB21 (adapter supported of Ekahau) and the result was -100dBm so I expect that this value is right!!

My problem is that I have a unified wireless network with high density of APs and consequently a high interference, the client often disconnected.

I'd like to do a site survey and I'd see a higher value of interference but not so...


There is a method to measuse the level of the co-channel interference?

I have a ekahau 4.4.5 but I feat that it does not make this type of measurements correclty.

Somone had a similar experience?


Mirko Severi.


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